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Why Nurses Are Choosing Flexibility Over Consistency

Why Nurses Are Choosing Flexibility Over Consistency

Life may have taught you that job stability relies on job consistency, but is that the best thing for Nurses? Permanent Nursing jobs may be consistent, but they aren’t always suited to everyone’s lifestyle.

Agency Nursing allows you to choose your own shifts, when and where you work, and gives you control over your time and priorities.

Today, Australian Nurses are choosing flexibility over consistency in their careers. Here’s why:


Regular Nursing allows you to settle into a role and get to know it like the back of your hand. However, agency Nursing provides Nurses with variety in where they work and what they do offering them the opportunity to work with different people and take on new challenges.


Whether a Nurse is just getting into the workforce, or has years of experience, sometimes they want to gain experience in a broad spectrum of Nursing areas.

Agency Nursing gives Nurses the network and the edge to help them gain different kinds of experience in the Nursing field.

For Nurses having difficulty selecting a specialty, or for experienced Nurses wanting to change career directions in the field, agency Nursing is the better choice.

Life Changes

You may have become a Nurse when you were single with no children. Working a consistent job at a hospital or other medical facility was okay for you at that stage of life.

However, after you get married you may want to spend more time with your partner.

Once you have a child, your priorities change even more and you may want to be with your children to watch them learn and grow.

Your Nursing job might bring in the income, but agency work may allow you more family time.

Similarly, being able to spend time with your aging parents is a factor in why some Nurses prefer agency Nursing.

This is a major factor that causes Nurses to turn to job flexibility over job consistency.

Healthcare Australia provides Nurses with over 1,500 shifts every day all across Australia. If you’re thinking of choosing flexibility over consistency in your Nursing career, feel free to register with us online or call us at 1 300 422 247.

If you would like to discuss your Aged Care Learning needs and how the HCA LMS might match your organisational requirements, contact us today.

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