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5 Amazing Stories from our Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare Australia

5 Amazing Stories from our Healthcare Professionals

Our healthcare professionals are truly remarkable people.

We thought it was a fitting tribute to share some stories of courage, emergency response, brilliant timing and rewarding experiences that showcase their amazing traits.

As part of our ’45 things to say’ for our 45thAnniversary, here you will find numbers 21 through to 25. Checkout some of our other articles celebrating this amazing milestone below:

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Story #1: HCA Nurse saves choking patron at local Perth Restaurant

Melinda, a HCA Nurse based in WA, attended an emergency training course held by the HCA WA team prior to Christmas 2016. Little did she know that those skills would come in handy shortly after.

The following is an exert from an email we received after the incident.

I just want to thank HCA for all the emergency training that they have given me.

Over the weekend, I found myself at a restaurant with a downs syndrome patron who was choking. I was able to keep very calm and proceed to apply the appropriate technique (two back slaps) dislodging a huge chunk of meat.

This man was turning a slight shade of purple.

The group he was with was so thankful that, much to our surprise, they paid for our whole table’s meals. It was an experience I’ll never forget to be gratified in such a way.

A simple thank you would have done it for me.

So, just thought I’d let you know that the training does have its place and is truly valuable.

Melinda, HCA WA, December 2016

Story #2: Queensland Nurse reunited with 7-year-old child who she brought back to life after a jellyfish sting


Kim, a HCA Nurse based in Townsville, Queensland, was walking along Pallarenda beach with her Dog and younger sister, when she encountered a 7-year-old boy fighting for his life after multiple jellyfish stings.

This is a remarkable story of how one of our quick-thinking Nurse managed to resuscitate a dying boy, not once, but twice before paramedics could reach the scene.

Kim recounts that she had lost her under-water camera a couple of days before the incident whilst jet skiing at the very same beach, so had wandered down to the shoreline to look for it. Luckily for this little boy, Kim was in the right place at the right time, performing CPR on him whilst the paramedics were on their way.

The little boy went into cardiac arrest twice, died twice and was revived by Kim twice before the paramedic managed to get to the scene.

To read more about this amazing story you can click here

Story #3: Sydney Support Worker Patsy, sees her hard work blossom as a young girl with challenging behaviours grows up to become a beautiful young lady.

Not all amazing stories happen in a moment, sometimes the most wonderful stories are the ones that slowly blossom.

One of the most magical stories we’ve recently heard is from one of our lovely HCA Support Workers, based in Sydney, who talked to us about her biggest accomplishment in her career.

Working in a group home, Patsy was caring for a young girl who had severe behavioural issues. She recounts the day in which this young girl, whom she’d cared for over a long time, found a warm, patient and nurturing family that would support her needs.

Patsy, shared with us that she was lucky enough to watch this girl grow into an amazing woman, who despite her early challenging disabilities early on in life, became completely independent and now holds a job.

Support Workers cannot be trained to be good at giving care, they have to be made that way. The caring needs to come from the heart. You need to love what you’re doing. ‚ Patsy, Sydney Support Worker

Story #4: Perth Nurse wins a brand-new car

Antony, a Registered Nurse with HCA WA, was the lucky winner of a brand-new car last year, as part of our Western Australian ‘Win a Car’ Competition run between July and September 2016.

What makes this story very special was our ability to make a massive difference to Antony’s life at a time when it was really needed. Antony explained to our team that his 1999 car, he previously bought from a police compound, was reaching its final legs. I have never owned a brand-new car explained Antony, when our team met him at Magic Nissan & Melville Renault Car dealership to choose his brand-new set of wheels.

Antony now drives is red Nissan Pulsar to and from his shifts.

Read more about Antony’s ‘Big Win’ here or watch the video below.

Story #5: HCA Nurse takes a trip around the world

Craig told HCA that he had never won a thing in his life, when we broke the news that he had won 2 Business Class Around the World Tickets.

The Sydney born, HCA WA Nurse was entered into the draw for working 5 or more shifts with us during 2013.

Having just come back from living overseas, Craig knew that he wanted to do something meaningful for five months while waiting for his wife to join him in Australia. Craig had always loved an adventure, so he decided to join Healthcare Australia’s WA Nursing Agency (WANA) and work in one of the most remote areas of Australia, Port Hedland.

Thinking he had no chance in winning, Craig explained to the team that he was extremely shocked to find out that he was the lucky winner of this amazing prize. I have always looked longingly at business class as I walked past to economy Craig recounts. wife is extremely excited and has begun planning places to go. We have a few places in mind; we both really want to travel to New York and possibly San Francisco.

Read more about Craig’s background here

Heard a story about an HCA employee you want us to share?

We love hearing about the amazing things that our Nurses, Doctors, Allied Health and Support Workers do, both on and off the job. If you want to share an amazing story about yourself or a fellow HCA employee please email [email protected]

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