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Accessing Clinical Services with a Home Care package

Accessing Clinical Services with a Home Care package

Clinical Services: How Home Care package can also help me access clinical services

Often, people will use their Home Care Package to access support at home, including domestic care, Personal care, and community access. But you can also use your Home Care Package to access several clinical services.


This access to clinical services can help broaden your care to include things that you may not have had access to previously, get help to your house for certain care or situations, or receive specialised care and treatment.

Clinical Services
Clinical Services


Enrolled Nurse Care

An enrolled nurse can be used to help with certain tasks around the home to make your life more simple and easier to complete daily tasks. An enrolled nurse can help you with-


  • Medication: to ensure it is being taken correctly, is working for you, and can provide friendly reminders to ensure you are taking it when you need to.
  • Simple wound care: can comfortably and safely help you with dealing with certain wounds and making sure you are comfortable and pain-free.
  • Nutritional assistance: an enrolled nurse can help you cook delicious and nutritious meals that may have been recommended from a dietician or doctor.


Registered Nurse Care

This care is a further step up from enrolled nurse duties and will be able to access how things are working for the individual and if changes need to be made. A registered nurse can offer-


  • Wound care: a registered nurse can look after wounds and ensure they are healing correctly. They can assess and treat more severe wounds that fall out of the realm of simple wound care.
  • Medication administration: will administer medication that may require assistance. This ensures the medication is administered correctly and effectively to ensure you are getting the full benefits.
  • Clinical assessment: will evaluate a person’s functioning in multiple areas, which will help facilitate decisions that should improve functioning in one or more areas of their life.
  • Continence assessment: this is a detailed assessment of how the individual’s bladder and bowel are working. It will mark any issues the person may have getting to or going to the toilet. The assessment will also work out if the person has incontinence and what type they have.
  • Cognitive assessment: assessment of cognitive ability and will make note of any decline and whether that needs to be accounted for in your care to ensure a comfortable life.
  • Care review: a registered nurse will be able to review your overall care and whether any changes need to occur to make sure you are getting the full benefits of your care.


Allied Health Services

In some cases, you may be able to use your Home Care Package to access allied health services such as-


  • Physiotherapy: this may be useful for keeping you mobile and active as you age, treatment after an injury, or working on activity plans to keep you happy and healthy.
  • Occupational Therapy: can be accessed to assess your mobility needs and what changes may need to be introduced to foster a better lifestyle. An OT will make sure you understand your options and are set up correctly with equipment that helps your lifestyle needs.
  • Dietetics: help recommend and plan healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals that fuels your body.
  • Speech Pathology: can assist in helping with any changes to speech that may have been caused due to injury or ageing.


Clinical Services

At Healthcare Australia, we are more than happy to help assist with all these above services. We have enrolled and registered nurses and allied health staff available whenever you may need them in your care. Have a chat with our Home Care team for more information on what we can offer you.

If you would like to discuss your Aged Care Learning needs and how the HCA LMS might match your organisational requirements, contact us today.

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