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Our Midwives share their experiences and advice
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Our Midwives share their experiences and advice

With the overwhelming response we received from our International Midwives Day Survey, we thought we’d share many more of our Midwives’ experiences and advice. Check out what they had to say!

Q1. Why did you decide to become a Midwife?

All our Midwives share the love and fascination for women’s health, pregnancy, birth and babies. While some knew from an early age that Midwifery was their true calling, some became Midwives after becoming mothers themselves; and many felt specialising in Midwifery was the natural progression after completing their Nursing studies.

Nicola Shakesby from NSW says, I wanted to be in a caring profession and be part of the happiest day of people’s lives. Similarly, Sui Hua Wong from VIC, loves Midwifery because it gives her the opportunity to nurture newborn babies who need a bit of help to get better, spoil labouring mothers and play a small part in others’ life experience in becoming a parent.

Q2. What’s the most rewarding part of being a Midwife?

When asked the question, many of our Midwives found it difficult to list just one. Whether it’s witnessing the overwhelming tears of joy in the parents’ faces when they first meet their newborn, knowing that they’ve helped women when they’re at their most vulnerable or seeing new parents progress and improve on new skills as a result of their guidance. Not to mention, the reward from supporting students and new Midwives in their journey of learning.

Some brought to light topics we don’t necessarily talk about. Brenda Reynolds from VIC shared that many mothers these days don’t have family around so she likes to advise them on the support network available. Some babies require special care at the time of their birth and Keri Ann Hart from VIC finds it very satisfying to see the sick babies finally go home with their parents after weeks of recovering and growing in her care and knowing that she’s helped a little.

Empowering women was the resounding response from all of the Midwives. Svetlana Williams sums it up spectacularly. For me it is so rewarding to work with women in such a special and momentous time as pregnancy and childbirth ‚ to empower them, to see them gain strength, and succeed at a special task that only women can do.

Q3. What advice do you have for new Midwives?

From the 29 Midwives surveyed, majority voiced that while the job can be challenging at times, nothing can be more rewarding than being a Midwife. As Mary Gaffney from NSW put it simply, For every bad day, you will have 100 good days so push through, always do your best and keep giving, caring and loving your patients. Respect the new mums, they have natural instincts and knowledge that are intrinsic so allow it to grow and advise when needed. By looking and listening to the mothers, Brenda Reynolds advised that a lot can be gaged just from observing their appearance, whether they’re pre-eclampsia, in established labour, suffer anxiety or look unwell, and attending to her expressions of pain or family support at home.

Vanessa Mullin from VIC, who’s been midwifing for 15 years ,bestowed some great advice around the options new Midwives should consider once their studies are completed. She suggests to work in an environment that promotes autonomous Evidence Based Practice for at least the first five years of your career. Learn to cannulate, suture, do ARM’s, apply FSE’s. Attend anything and everything that will enhance your skills and knowledge, PROMPT, RANZCOG FSEP and more. If you have the option – rotate through all areas antenatal, intrapartum, postnatal and special care and keep your skills up in all areas – especially if you want to be an agency Midwife one day. If you can flex between all areas, you will be valued by the hospitals you work for.

The consensus across all Midwives is to keep a good work life balance to maintain your physical, emotional and psychological well being and never be afraid to discuss, reflect and ask for support from your colleagues. Whatever the mode of birth, Midwives have the power to make it the most positive one it can be and do a great job at it!

To see some of the other ways we celebrated International Midwives Day this year, read more here and watch our video.

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