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What is HCA and what can they do for you?
Healthcare Australia

What is HCA and what can they do for you?

What is HCA?


Firstly… what ISN’T HCA!

Healthcare Australia is a company that really covers it all. From nurses to doctors, to allied health and so much more… The opportunities and areas for growth are endless.

HCA has been providing care for 50 years and over this time the company has established itself as a leading healthcare provider across Australia, providing patient-centred and holistic care. So, let’s look at the HCA Ecosystem to give you an insight into how many facets of healthcare HCA covers.


What is HCA


Seeking change

Have you ever felt yourself wondering if you needed a change? A change that prioritises YOU. Over the last few years, we have all been overworked, highly stressed, and burnt out, not putting ourselves first and placing ourselves as a priority. Are you sitting there thinking that you don’t want to work in healthcare anymore because you have lost that spark, that passion? We have all been there… but maybe what you need is just a change. A change of scenery can mean taking a break from the highly stressful environments of hospitals and taking a step back to telehealth or community care, or it can simply just mean decreasing your working hours to make more time for YOU. Working for an agency means the incentives and pay are better, meaning the hours you work are less, leaving more time for the things you have been missing… learning to speak another language or taking a much-needed holiday. Agency gives you the flexibility to work for yourself and design your own life. When people first think of agency work, the first thoughts that come to mind are… day to day shifts, financial insecurity and that it is a “side job” to your FULL-time job.


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We are here to debunk all of those myths

Agency work is not just day-to-day shifts, yes you can do these if you prefer, but agency work includes block bookings as well as rural and remote contracts and advanced bookings. With block booking, you are guaranteed a certain number of shifts or hours per week that won’t be cancelled or changed! You can lock it in to your favourite hospital or location to guarantee placement and hours 😊 It also most certainly doesn’t need to be your “side job”. As you are earning significantly more than you would from traditional “full-time” work, you have the flexibility to take more days off during the week and still earn the same, IF NOT MORE, money (and who doesn’t like more money!)


Now I bet you’re sitting there thinking, this sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t! Xana and Jess, the new Brand Ambassadors, have been doing this for years! And they both chose to work for HCA as Brand Ambassadors because they love the company and agency life SO much. Yes, agency life or agency nursing sometimes comes with infrequencies, but you can use that time to travel, spend more time with your family or just have a rest! Because you work and earn more during the other weeks, and if you are organised with your money, you can schedule in time off FOR YOU!


What is HCA


What HCA can do for you!

Healthcare Australia has a few amazing incentives to reward all the hard work that you do. Check it out for yourself below! The incentives are amazing!

Refer a friend

Refer a Friend Scheme, where you and a friend can earn $500 every time you refer someone to HCA and get them to join you on this amazing journey.


Rural and Remote

Rural and Remote contracts come with education incentives and bonuses that can be used on courses, and upskilling and can range from $500-1000 per contract.

If this hasn’t sold you yet, you can earn almost double what you earn now!


Free Flight

And if you live overseas, HCA helps cover your travel over and assists you in the ENTIRE process, and if you travel for certain Rural and Remote contracts all your travel and accommodation is covered!


So, I think it is about time you apply:
Click here to apply!


What is HCA

If you would like to discuss your Aged Care Learning needs and how the HCA LMS might match your organisational requirements, contact us today.

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