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Unspent Funds in Home Care Packages

Some Home Care customers may have unspent funds available in their Home Care package. Here’s what you need to know about Unspent Funds.   What are unspent funds? Unspent funds are the left over money that you haven’t spent on goods, services or fees.   How do unspent funds accumulate? Unspent funds accumulate when you … Continued

NDIA PACE System – What it means for Participants

What is PACE? PACE is the NDIA’s new computer system. It will eventually replace the NDIA’s existing system and will remove the requirement of service bookings.   How does PACE affect me as a Participant? PACE will allocate funding at the Category level rather than the service level meaning you have more flexibility on how … Continued

Understanding your NDIS Support Budget Options

If you or a loved one have an NDIS plan, you may have heard about Support Budgets which are available to help you purchase the supports and services you need. A Support Budget is a category of funding that is available to you as a part of your NDIS plan that is allocated to specific … Continued

Coordinated Funding Proposals: How they can benefit you

Did you know there is a new way for people on the NDIS to purchase supports which can help reduce costs? It’s called a Coordinated Funding Proposal (CFP) and is designed to help groups of participants with similar needs combine their NDIS funding to access support services. Using a CFP can give participants more opportunities … Continued

Agency shifts or direct shifts – what’s the best for you?

Healthcare Australia (HCA) is a leading health care recruitment agency in Australia. We aim to provide the best healthcare staffing solutions to help empower and enhance the lifestyle and sense of wellbeing for participants across Australia. No matter what you’re looking for in your next role in healthcare, Healthcare Australia can help with a permanent, … Continued

Finding a Career in Caring

Our Queensland NDIS State Manager, Glynis spoke with us to share her experiences as the primary carer of a person with disability and subsequent career in Disability Services.   The long road to diagnosis Glynis and Shane were married in 1985 and each brought three young children from previous marriages into the relationship. Although Shane … Continued

Home Care Technology Profile: The Rosie Watch

History of wearables in the industry Wearable devices or “wearables” range from wristbands and smartwatches to chest bands and other textile-based sensors with many different uses. The Sony Walkman, introduced in 1979, which connected your music collection to your belt and delivered it to your ears via a headset is an early example. Today’s proliferation … Continued

Katie Casey – Customer Care Manager

Staff Profile – Katie Casey   Tell us about your career to date and the different roles you’ve worked at HCA? After moved to Australia from Ireland in 2019 I got a job with Healthcare Australia (HCA) as Casual Disability Support Worker and Aged Care Agency Nurse. This gave great insight into the Disability and … Continued

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